Skillman Global Ltd (SGL) is a modern recruitment agency and skill development centre located in the UK. Our team consists of experienced professionals in Business, IT, and HR Management. Through our meticulous selection process, we ensure that we match the right individuals with the right positions. Our goal is to establish SGL as a trusted name in Human Resource Development, Recruitment, and Placement services.

SGL Education is the Student Admission and Career consultancy division of Skillman Global Ltd. Through SGL Education, we offer consultancy services to international students seeking quality higher education abroad, particularly in the UK and Europe. We aim to help these students prepare for careers in high-demand fields by providing them with the necessary skills.

Under our ‘Skillman Training’ division, we offer online IT training courses and employability skills training for job seekers. These courses are designed to meet the demands of the modern job market and equip individuals with the skills they need to succeed.

From our employee Bank, we can provide Skilled, Semi-Skilled, and Unskilled Workers for the following industries:


Looking for a Flexible Workforce?

You are in the Right Place. We are here with a good number of skilled candidates to make you happy with their skilled & perfect work. Find skilled & flexible candidates to uplift your business. Select the plan & start to get a candidate.

“I am very happy for Skillman Global. I am getting the exact service, that I need and the most featuring point is the Turn Around Time for support.”

Wyatt Ben
Start-up Owner

“I really appreciate the whole team of Skillman Global Recruitment Agency for helping in time to find my skilled job.”

Kevin Gerg

“I was surprised with the support and quality recruitment service. I am happy with the manpower whom you have provided in time.”

Shreeya Goil
Restro Onwer

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